Metro station Art et Metiers in Paris 


Probably our favourite station on the Paris metro system. Station 'Arts et Métiers' was revamped back in 1994,to a design by Belgian comic artist François Schuite (an inspired choice for the work) by the transport authority working in partnership with the nearby Musée des arts et métiers (Museum of Arts and Trades)


The copper lined Metro station Art et Metiers


The unique Metro station Art et Metiers


His design connects fantasy with reality, drawing on his affinity with Jules Verne and the link to the innovations of the museum.

 Art installation at Metro station Art et Metiers


Lined with riveted sheets of copper with its peephole portholes you get the sense of a subterranean existence - which in many ways is what you are experiencing - and a desire to linger.

  Porthole in the Metro station Art et Metiers


Please note: There are two different lines connecting this station line   and line

You need to make your way to the line platforms (if you haven't arrived on it) as apart from its copper lighting system,line is a pretty standard  station.     .


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Tip:   You could stop of here on the way to visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery or the Musée des Art et Métiers which both can be accessed via line 3 on the metro.


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Metro station Art et Métiers

Palais du Louvre
75051 PARIS


3rd arrondissemont


Arts et Metiers


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