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Musee des Art et Metiers Paris


This interesting museum which is devoted to the history of science and inventions may not be on every Paris visitors list of things to see but if you are interested in how things work and want to know more about their development you will love the Musee des Arts et Metiers.


 Entrance to the Musee des Art et Metiers in Paris


Originally founded by revolutionaries to celebrate the glory of science, the collections are partially housed in the former abbey church of Saint Martin des Champs. So you have the double benefit of the permanent exhibitions inside the building plus you also have the attraction of the building itself.


inside the wonderful Musee des Art et Metiers in Paris


Outside the Musee des Art et Metiers in Paris


Flying machine inside the Musee des Art et Metiers in Paris


Information is mainly in French with a little English translation but you can hire language audio guides for an addition € 5.00, although the visual experience alone is probably worth it.



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The unique Metro station Art et Metiers


Please note: There are two different lines connecting the Art-et-Metiers metro station line   and line

You need to make your way to the line platforms  (if you haven't arrived on it) to see its copper-lined tunnel, as apart from its copper lighting system, line is a pretty standard  station.     .



This is a popular museum for school outings so we recommend going there in the afternoon and avoiding Wednesdays, weekends or public holidays.


You could stop off here on the way to visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery which can be accessed via line 3 on the metro.



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Musée des Art et Métiers


60 Rue Réaumur,

75003 Paris


3rd arrondissemont


Official website




Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.Thursday night until 9.30pm.

Closed Mondays, May 1st and the 25th of December.


€ 6.50 for permanent exhibition      

€ 7.50 if temporary ex.included

Free to people under 26


Arts et Metiers


Nos. 20.38.39 & 47


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