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Charles de Gaulle to Paris by Taxi


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Taxi is the preferred option for many travellers for transferring between Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris as you get dropped directly at your destination. It can however be an expensive choice - with prices ranging from € 50/80 +.depending on traffic (time) /destination in Paris/ luggage / number of people etc.. After 1am taxis are the only service available, apart from the reduced night service bus, so bear that in mind when you book your flights.

Expect to pay around € 50.00 with a journey time of 40 minutes. Remember this will change depending on traffic conditions as you are on a meter.


At Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport you just have to look for the taxi signs pointing to the pick-up areas within each terminal.

You can book online:http://www.wecab.com/frt




Is taking a taxi the least stressful way to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris? This depends on a number of factors - if your budget allows it, you are travelling with kids, elderly, disabled or have a lot of luggage then it becomes very attractive! There is also the option to share with others - try striking up a conversation on your flight or post idea on one of the many forums on the web. There is now a company actually promoting this idea under the 'green' umbrella - they actually find you someone to share!


There are many shuttle minibus services available from Charles de Gaulle airport offering a door-to-door service. These can be booked privately or as a shared service. If you choose to share then you journey time may be extended depending on number of stops. For travelling groups this can be an economical alternative, plus it should mean your transport is there for you on arrival so no need to stand in line.  Expect to pay up to € 15/30 depending on circumstances.



See more detail on Paris taxis here




Taxi ranks within the airport:

Terminal 1 Gate 20 at departures level.
Terminal 2A Gate A7
Terminal 2B Gate B7
Terminal 2C Gate C7
Terminal 2D Gate D7
Terminal 2E Gate 11 at arrivals level
Terminal 2F Gate 11 at arrivals level
Terminal 2G Outside the terminal building
'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2' train station Level 5
Terminal 3 As you exit the arrivals hall.


World Taximeter will calculate an estimate of the fare of a taxi ride in and around the city of Paris. It will also let you see any potential surcharges that may apply.


Their accuracy is good but remember it is only an estimate.






If you are travelling light on you own or a couple and have researched navigating the Paris public transport system, which is excellent most of the time, take the RER train, Air France coach (Les cars) or Roissybus into the city instead, you will save money and also gain the experience