Eiffel Tower Paris



The Eiffel Tower is the city of Paris' most iconic landmark and a 'must see' for any visitor - well it's actually quite difficult to miss it.


Looking tuwards the Eiffel Tower from the Champs-de-mars


What we love about it is the number of different views you get of the tower as you  walk this great city.


A view of he Eiffel Tower from the river Seine in Paris


Sometimes it looks as if its on the river Seine...


Street level view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris


...and other times as if its in the heart of urban Paris.


View of Eiffel tower along a pParisian street


The tower was originally meant to be a temporary display as part of  the 1889 International Exhibition, the centenary celebration of the French Revolution but was eventually, after overcoming the scepticism of the establishment, accepted as a permanent monument. A great decision by the city as it is now the most visited monument in the world.

We encourage you to visit the tower's excellent official website as they have all you need to know about this great symbol of Paris, but please come back!


Ticket prices:

From April 1st 2012
to March 31st 2013
Adults 12 - 24 years
4 - 11 years
Disabled persons*
Lift entrance ticket 
(valid to 2nd floor)
€ 8.50 € 7.00 € 4.00
Lift entrance ticket to top € 15.50 €12.50 € 11.00
Stairs entrance ticket 
(valid to 2nd floor)
€ 5.00 € 3.50 € 3.00


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Eiffel Tower - Tour Eiffel


5 Avenue Gustave-Eiffel

75007 PARIS


7th arrondissemont


Official website:



The Eiffel Tower is open every single day of the year !


From 9 a.m. to midnight from 15 June to the 1st of September,


From 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. during the rest of the year,


At Easter weekend and during the Spring holidays : extended opening hours to midnight.


Bir-Hakeim Trocadéro   


École Militaire


Champs-de-Mars Tour Eiffel  Line C



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