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Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle Airport.
If you need to get to Charles de Gaulle Airport here are your options from Paris Gare du Nord:



Take a taxi...

Finding a taxi is easy at Gare du Nord you just have to follow the blue Taxi signs pointing towards the western end (to the right as you exit the trains) of the station, not the front where you might expect to find them, where you’ll find the taxi rank. The queues can be long - it may take twenty minutes to get to the front if you hit a busy period. Remember to let the driver know which of the three terminals you are departing from.

Expect to pay around €30.00 depending on traffic conditions.

Your other option is to take the RER train...



You can buy your RER/metro ticket from the ticket office or machines on the main RER concourse on the second level. A single ticket will cost you under €10.00 .The machines have instructions in English.

To access the RER station within Gare du Nord you turn to your left as you leave the trains, you will see the overhead sign giving you the direction to head in. Head downstairs to the second level and the Metro/RER entrance.


You will find helpful direction signs as you enter the RER / Metro system.

You are heading for RER line B and for the B3 train. The RER station at Gare du Nord is served by lines B D & E of the RER network. The lines and airport direction are well signposted.

You will be lead down to Platform (Voie) 43 to catch the B3


Be aware, there are two B trains leave from this platform B3 & B5 you need to take the B3.         Check the overhead signs which show the destination stations - they light up the stations the train will be calling at.

There are two stations at Charles de Gaulle, Paris - 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle1' for terminal 1 and terminal 3 and ' Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV' for Terminal 2, so check which terminal you are departing from.

Remember to keep hold of your ticket as, unlike the metro, you'll need it to exit at your arrival station.


When you arrive at 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle1' you are not in fact at Terminal 1 but at 'Roissypole' which is the airport complex which includes bus and train stations, hotels and office blocks. It is fairly straightforward however to reach the terminals.




When you arrive at the station you travel up the escalator following the exit (sortie) signs to the upper level.



Once there, if you are heading for Terminal 1 you follow the signs for the free CDGVAL airport shuttle train which is not far from where you exit.






You need to take the shuttle for 'Parc PR'  (car park exit) and Terminal 1.There are only the two stops, plus the station stops are announced in English, so very straightforward.




You will arrive at the shopping level of the airport,which includes Hall 5 & 6,,where you have access to all the other airport facilities, all of which are well signposted.




If you have any problems there is an information desk on the next level (departures).



If you need to get to Terminal 3 follow the signs towards the bus station (gare routiere). You have to walk in the open air for part of the journey under a walkway and across a road but even with luggage it should take less than 10 minutes.







If you are flying  out from Terminal 2 then you need to stay on until 'Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV. You have arrived at Terminal 2 (between terminals 2C/2E and 2D/2F).The train platforms are on level 1 so you have to make your way up to the terminal buildings on level 4



When you arrive at the station you travel up the escalator following the exit (sortie) signs to the large atrium on the upper level...




Through the main train station concourse and continue up to level 4 where you can make your way to your departure terminal.



The Terminal 2 locations (Halls) can be reached by walking  and using the moving walkways (quite long). A point to remember is that arrows pointing up on the airport signage mean straight on and not up a level.


walkways at cdg airport


You will find signs as to how far you are away from each of the other locations and the station within the Terminal. Longest walking journey is around 20minutes


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