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The Moulin Rouge with its red windmill is another of Paris's iconic landmarks and still a popular outing for today's visitors.

 The Moulin Rouge


The show here remains pretty much loyal to its long established format, there's dancers with flamboyant costumes, acrobatics, fun songs, and topless women (done in the best possible taste) and  the occasional surprise which involves a large water tank. When we visited a number of years ago we had a table almost touching the stage which was great though seeing skint knees torn tights and scuffed shoes took some of the glamour out of the performances.


We felt it was expensive then but worth it for the experience. Today it will set you back € 105 - without food and € 180 with, the packages on offer include some champagne - if you are on a tight budget make it last as to replenish it is very expensive.


You are not allowed to take photographs, in fact it is frowned upon and you can have your camera confiscated if you break the rules. You can get a taste of what its like by visiting the official website here.

.The Moulin Rouge ay night


Being close to Montmartre in the district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy, even if you don't want to take in the show, a walk around the area at night is worth it alone.


Tip:  Take your coat into the venue with you and avoid check-in payment and the queue at the end of the night to retrieve it.


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Moulin Rouge

82 Boulevard de Clichy

75018 PARIS


18th arrondissemont


Official website


There are two evening shows every day at 9.00 pm and 11.00.pm

There are also matinee performances at 2:45 pm



Nos. 30,54,68.74


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