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The Pantheron in Paris



The Pantheon in the Latin Quarter of Paris is another monument that is synomimous with the city.Originally built as a church dedicated to St.Genevieve this ornate monument is now dedicated to the memory of the men and women who have influenced French history since the Revolution.


Voltaire in the crypt at the Pantheon in Paris

The list includes Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile Zola, Louis Braille, Marie Curie, Alexandre Dumas and the original architect Soufflot who actually died before its completion in 1791. You will most of their tombs in the cavernous crypt underneath the building.

Over the years the Pantheon changed back and forth to being utilised as a church but eventually assumed its lasting role as burial place for martyrs and inspirational French citizens.

View of inside the Pantheon in Paris


As soon as you enter the building you can't help but be in awe of what awaits you - it never ceases to amaze us as to the skills of the artisans who built these monuments


View of inside the Pantheon


View of yje dome inside the Pantheon in Paris


...and looking up under the dome its just wow!


View of the great dome inside the Pantheon in Paris


Tip:  Visit the church of 'Saint Etienne du Mont' just behind the Pantheon - you will be glad you did!


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6 Place du Pantheon

75005 PARIS


 5th arrondissemont


Official Website


Admission  € 7.50 but free for under 17s

Open daily from 10.00am.to 6.00pm

 **Cardinal  Lemoine





** Although this is the nearest metro station it actually brings you out a bit behind the the building and with a slight uphill climb, you might want to approach this monument front-on to get the best effect. We suggest you take the RER to Luxembourg visit the gardens then leave onto Rue Soufflot and get the best approach to the Pantheon itself.



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