The city of Paris is well served by road links from all points of the compass, bringing visitors from all the major cities of Europe and beyond. We, like many others, do not advise driving within central Paris unless you are an experienced city driver or you really have to! (see here...)




Driving in Paris


From Orly Airport


From CDG airport


From Beauvais Airport 


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Driving information to Paris from major cities within Europe itself :  


London to Paris 286miles  460km  6 hours Toll  €21.00*
Summary: M20 to Dover - ferry to Calais - A26/A1/A3 to Paris
Amsterdam to Paris  312miles  520km   5hr 06min Toll  €15.40
Summary:  A2 to Utrecht-A27-A58 to Antwerp-E17 to Lille -A1/A3 to Paris
 Berlin to Paris  655miles  1054km   10hrs 10min Toll  €13.80
Summary:  E30 to Hanover-E40-E42- A2/A1/A3 to Paris
 Brussels to Paris  193miles  311km   3hrs 16min Toll  €13.60
Summary:  A7(E18) to Mons - A2/A1/A3 to Paris
 Madrid to Paris  792miles  1275km   12hrs 30min Toll  €80.55
Summary:  A1 to Burgos-AP1&8/A63 to Bordeaux-/A10 to Paris
 Rome to Paris  900miles  1445km  13hrs 24min Toll €146.50
Summary:  A1 to Firenze-A21-A26-A40 past Geneva -A6 to Paris

Links above will take you to 'google maps' directions.                                    *Does not include ferry crossing.


Driving information to Paris from major cities within France itself :  


Avignon - Paris 429 miles 689 km 6hrs 37mins
Bordeaux: - Paris 362 miles 583 km 2hrs 27mins
Lille - Paris 137 miles 220 km 2hrs 33mins
Lyon - Paris 289 miles 465 km 4hrs 20mins
Marseille - Paris 483 miles 777 km 7hrs 25mins
Nancy - Paris 240 miles 386 km 4hrs 13 mins
Nantes - Paris 237 miles  382 km 4hrs
Rennes - Paris 217 miles 349 km 3hrs 35mins
Strasburg -Paris 303miles 488 km 5hrs 40mins

Tours - Paris

148 miles 239 km 2hrs 27mins


Driving information to Paris from ferry ports :


Boulogne 161 miles 260 km 3hrs 3mins
Caen - Paris 145 miles 234 km 2hrs 40mins
Calais - Paris 180 miles 290 km 3hrs 12mins
Cherbourg 221 miles 356 km 4hrs

Dieppe: - Paris

195 km 121 miles 2hrs 20mins
Dunkerque  237 miles 382 km 3hrs 19mins
Le Havrre - Paris 122 miles 197 km 2hrs 17mins
Roscoff - Paris 349 miles 562km 5hrs 55mins
St.Malo - Paris 250miles 403 km 4hrs 20mins


Tolls (guide only) on routes into Paris :


Route Cost/car Roads
Lille - Paris



Calais - Paris



Calais - Paris



Valenciennes - Paris



Metz - Paris



Strasbourg - Paris



Lyon - Paris



Clermont-Ferrand -Paris



Rennes - Paris



Caen - Paris



Le Havre - Paris



Rouen - Paris









Main entrances into Paris from major autoroutes via the peripherique ring road.