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How do you find a taxi in Paris?


Walk to a designated Taxi Stand


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There are hundreds of designated taxi stands/ranks in Paris, marked by blue signs with the word TAXI in white. You will find them on street corners, outside railway stations, at airports and other prime locations.

Many maps for Paris show the location of taxi stands as a blue circle with the letter "T" inside. You would normally take the taxi at the head of the line (if there is more than one) but you actually don't have to - if you do not fancy the first taxi you can actually move down the line - it is your right.

Pre-book by telephone

There are taxi companies which take phone bookings 24/7 but remember that you also pay for the time it takes your taxi to reach you. Most will accept credit cards but mention this is how you wish to pay when you book.

G7, www.taxisg7.com























Can you hail a taxi in Paris?


Hail a Taxi in the Street



You can tell if a taxi is available by checking the lighted sign on the roof... it is backlit green when it is available, red when it is not.


However, they won't stop if it is 50m or less from a taxi stand, (*not sure how you are supposed to know this), if it cannot get to you easily (i.e. “no stop zone”, “bus stop zone”, etc.) or if it is already on its way to pick up someone else

 * You can find one using maps, phone and computer applications or by asking locals.“Where is the nearest taxi stand?” - “Où se trouve la station de taxi la plus proche?” 






Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris by taxi




How much should it cost?


Taxi fares in Paris

The white, red or blue fare lights underneath the taxi sign correspond to taxi **rates A, B, or C which apply according to the time and place you pick up the taxi (see below for times)

Tariff A € 1.04/km

€ 32.00/hr

Tariff B € 1.27/km € 37.63/hr
Tariff C € 1.54/km € 35.10/hr

As a rule of thumb a 20 minute journey should cost less than € 15.00

You should also note the following:

There is an automatic 'pick-up' charge € 2.60

There is a minimum fare of € 6.86

There is a € 4.00 charge for a 4th passenger

There is a €1.00 charge for each extra piece of luggage. First piece is free.


You can see some comprehensive questions and answers here:


Please note above information is for guidance only but we will endeavour to keep it as up-to-date as possible



**PARIS rates applied

Rate A

Rate B

Rate C

Monday to Saturday

10 am to 5 pm

5 pm to 10 am




7 am to 12 pm

00 am to 7 am

Holidays Mon. to Sat.


All hours




7 am to 7 pm

7 pm to 7 am