Paris Beauvais airport, is quite a distance (88km) north of the city. It is a small regional airport used by some low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and WizzAir and is actually just outside the village of Tillé and not in Beauvais itself ! but there is a convenient coach service that ties in with flight departures,




Paris to Beauvais

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  •  By bus


Coaches shuttle between Porte Maillot at the north-western edge of Paris and the airport. Coaches take about an hour and leave about three hours before the flight departs on the way back. The journey will take about an hour in good traffic conditions and costs €16 each way. 


Coaches can be found at the open air bus station on 'Boulevard Pershing' opposite the Paris Congress Centre from where you can walk from the metro station,RER station, bus stop or taxi stance.**


Porte Maillot' metro station is on Line1  of the Paris metro system.

 (You can click on the metro line number and view stations on this route)


The RER Station at Porte Maillot is 'Neuilly Porte Maillot Palais des Congres' and is on the RER Line 'C'  . You will only want to use it if your hotel is near one of the RER 'C' stations.






  •  By car

  • Our advice is don't do it !!!.....use another form of transport.