Roissypole at Charles de Gaulle airport



‘Roissypôle’ is the name of an area within Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris made up of offices, airport hotels, the RER train station (Aeroport CDG1) plus the bus and coach station.




 It is the CDGVAL  airport shuttle train stop for those needing to transfer within the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport complex to Terminal 3 and also where you will find access to four of the five on-site airport hotels ( the Sheraton is in Terminal 2).



 It is also where travellers arriving at Terminal 1 wishing to get to Paris by train need to make there way to.



When you arrive here on the CDGVAL shuttle train you have to exit the building and take a short walk (5 min) if you are trying to get to Terminal 3. For the RER trains you turn right towards the ticket machines and then descend to the train platforms on the lower level.





Giving the name CDG1 to the RER station (gare) here is a bit confusing as it is not at Terminal 1 but at the CDGVAL stop for terminal 3. You can only take the RER trains into Paris from here for the TGV and intercity trains you have to head to Terminal 2 via the CDGVAL or shuttle buses.


Here is where 'Roissypole' is located within the airport complex.




Map showing hotels in and around Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport



Find your hotel at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


There are around 30 hotels in and around CDG airport in Paris.Choose from a range of boutique hotels, luxury hotels, budget hotels and apartments all at low prices and with no booking fee from








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